Five LinkedIn Strategies That Bring Spectacular Results
Discover how was able to raise over a million dollars from investors, attract thousands of customers, and build key partnerships through LinkedIn.

Attract Savvy Investors

Learn how Soar was able to raise over a million dollars from investors.

Reach The Right Market

Thousands of experienced coaches have joined Soar.

Build Key Partnerships

Marvel at how Soar established strategic partnerships.

Paul Allen, CEO

Paul Allen has posted 200+ times on LinkedIn. His posts get 25,000 views on average. His network is 29,600 people— mainly coaches, founders, investors, and C-level executives. His secrets? Simple: Go all in. Have a great assistant. Follow best practices.

Keynote Speaker

Paul has given hundreds of informative and inspiring lectures, keynote speeches, and workshops around the world— in North America, Europe, and Asia. His positive message resonates with and inspires entrepreneurs, CEOs, CTOs, executives in HR & L&D, association leaders, educators, and emerging leaders., Founder

Paul conceived the idea for in 1996 and launched the company as its founding CEO in July 1997. Since then, tens of millions of people have used the service to discover more about their family heritage.

Global Strengths, Evangelist

Paul helped lead the global strengths movement for Gallup in Washington, DC from 2012-2017. Since 1999, nearly 24 million people have used the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment to discover how to use their natural talents at work and in life.
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